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    Overall Rating:
  • "Drove 5hrs to pick up my moto...Mike n Paul where very helpful...paperwork was fast m easy imthey helped with insurance also...and they even loaded up moto on to my trailer and strapped it down for me thumbs up to everyone....also thanks for the shirt my son loved it he was stocked!"

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    Robert Perez - Brownsville, TX
  • "06/SEP/2019 --- Update
    Right after posting this I received a call from the "Area Manager" (Ed) who was all sunshine and promises about how he was customer service focused, and saying all the right things that one would say to a dissatisfied customer.
    I decide to ride to Houston to pick up the correct/missing parts on 07/SEP, the timing was to coincide with the first service. Now I find that the service department DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO WORK ON THE MOTORCYCLE THEY SOLD. Go back and re-read that statement, these folks sold me a motorcycle they are not qualified to service!
    I can't express the degree of frustration and irritation with this organization. If I could give them a lower than one star I would.
    27/AUG/2019 ---
    I purchased a 2018 Moto Guzzi California 1400 from the North location. The process was filled with delays and confusion. My deposit was not applied to the contract and there were other other SNAFUs.
    Imagine my disappointment when the motorcycle was delivered and the saddle bags were the wrong color! I called about this and the first reply was (derisively) "Those are the bags for that motorcycle...". Obviously nobody has looked at the brochures, ever, the bags ALWAYS match the tank color.
    Next I discover that the Motorcycle user manuals are for the VIII and not the California 1400, totally different controls and gages. (To be fair the correct manuals were overnighted to me, it still took two days).
    Then upon closer inspection I find there are missing accessories, bag protectors and the toolkit.
    I emailed and called the store manager and other people up the ladder with minimal results. I received two calls back from the store manager (Kaz) who first tries to assert "Those are the bags for that motorcycle", then assures me everything will be taken care of. After that nothing, and I am back to texting with the salesperson for resolution.
    It is now coming on two weeks after delivery and I have yet to get any kind of reply as to when the correct bags will arrive (I know it will take time, all I want is a guesstimate at least). Nor have they acknowledged that the motorcycle is missing stock accessories, or if they will be provided. I have also never received any replies to my emails. (can you say plausible deniability?)
    It's sad because I really love the motorcycle but the experience has been an exercise in frustration, sure they try to tell me that "any service will be exceptional", I just have low confidence in the whole organization now.
    My advice to anyone purchasing from this dealership is to check everything from the contract to the final product, and only sign if everything is satisfactory. (caveat emptor)."

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    Michael Nork - McKinney, TX
  • "Cycle Trader"

    Overall Rating:
    Michael Nork - McKinney, TX
  • "Great experience purchasing my motorcycle and go see KAZ he will get it done fast!"

    Overall Rating:
    Randy Hernandez
  • "Everyone there was very friendly. Omer was very knowledgeable and didn't pressure me. They have a wide selection of bikes to choose from. I would definitely recommend them."

    Overall Rating:
    Holley Spell
  • "Very professional and exceptional customer service Team Extreme is the best I’ve dealt with hands down!"

    Overall Rating:
    Supreme Allah
  • "Typical motorcycle shop, except guarantee of getting a bike by lease or purchase. However, their new bikes Hyoung are of lower quality"

    Overall Rating:
    HMilli .
  • "LOVE THIS PLACE! I would come here if you really want a great ride!!"

    Overall Rating:
    ExCaLiBu RetteZ 17
  • "Omar really came through for me. They helped me every step of the way in dealing with the aftermarket warranty. I'll admit I was skeptical of the after market warranty. Omar made sure everything was taking care of. Warranty covered everything."

    Overall Rating:
    Alex Perrette
  • "Great place.. mike took good care of me. He is highly recommended by me. They said first service is on the house. So really liked that and they have a good variety of new and used bikes."

    Overall Rating:
    Natasha White
  • "Great service and they were very professional!"

    Overall Rating:
    kais kheraz
  • "You need a bike, this is the place
    Perfect experience all the time everytime"

    Overall Rating:
    Grantham Ross
  • "Awesome customer service! Kaz went above and beyond to make my purchase super easy and painless! Highly recommend!"

    Overall Rating:
    James Barnette - TX
  • "Awesome customer services! Kaz went above and beyond to make my purchase super easy and painless! Highly recommend!"

    Overall Rating:
    James B - Victoria, TX
  • "awesome store obviously. the guys are very friendly and helpful.I won’t go anywhere else."

    Overall Rating:
    alexander joe
  • "Great customer service ! Very easy process . Have bought two bike from here and will big again in the future . Ask for Kaz !"

    Overall Rating:
    Garrett Dunkin
  • "Very straight-forward, easy guys to deal with, no hidden fees or extras or any of that kind of thing. Even ordered me lunch while we were waiting for paperwork. Would easily buy from them again."

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    Brandon C
  • "Bought a bike with cash in June. I have called them several times asking them to check to see what's going on with my title. They have never called me back with a status on the title. I received my plates fairly quickly. In my opinion if you pay a dealer fee when you purchase something they should at least make an attempt to see what's going on for you. I love the bike it just seems like once they get your money they go silent..."

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    JT Trax
  • "Great place to get a bike quick and easy. They had everything ready before I even walked in. Mike was awesome."

    Overall Rating:
    jasmine mccormick
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