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  • "This company does not care about your well-being. They DO NOT do the proper inspections/safety on their motorcycles. My brother could have lost his life due to their negligence. When confronted about the missing piece and one that was HAMMERED that didn’t belong, they didn’t care. No apology or anything. They are having a lawsuit against them due to negligence and not doing the proper inspections that’s required by the state. If you’re thinking about purchasing a motorcycle from here or for someone else DON’T. There’s plenty of other companies to buy from around Houston. On top of that their employees are extremely rude and unhelpful."

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    TaMarcus Miles - Houston, TX
  • "No body acknowledged me when I walked in. Had to ask if bikes were for sale. Lady from parts and service only one to help. Sales guy didn’t even get up from desk. I had to walk over to him just for him to tell me he didn’t have a bike form me. WOW. I work in a similar work setting where potential customers walk past my office, I engage as many customers as I see just to send them a message that we are ALL here to help. Cash in pocket and a great credit score......act like you want to sell a bike! Taking my cash elsewhere to someone that wants to sell a bike."

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    Mr Burrows - Porter, TX

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  • "I would never recommend anyone to Team Extreme. Paul Benavent has to be the most unprofessional salesman and constant liar in the business. There is absolutely no customer service and once they make the sale they could care less. My temp tag is expired for over a week and have made many attempts for the last 2 weeks to get another tag since they one I have is expired and Paul keeps telling me that my plates have been mailed for the last 2 weeks but can't provide a tracking number or how they were mailed. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB against Team Extreme Houston."

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    Greg Kubic - Rockwall, TX
  • "So I live in the Midwest, and was looking for a specific bike in a specific color, and cycletrader had this companies ad on their website. So I messaged Team extreme about potentially buying the bike. The process took quite awhile, response time wasn't fast at all, but I understood that it's a tough time for everyone with this Covid 19 going on. The thing that really makes me mad, is I asked specifically if the fairings were in good shape, asked if there the chain was good, and a few other things with the bike. I was told it was, and since I live in the Midwest and they are in Texas, and there's this pandemic going on, I had to rely on their word. Worst thing I could have ever done. Again I asked specifically about fairings, and the chain, stuff that's easy to spot. They were firm on the price telling me that their crew had done maintenance on the bike and made sure everything was in top order, which was apart of one of their "fees" that was added to the cost of the bike. No surprise there, most dealerships love to sneakily add fees. So I had them ship me the bike. When the bike came in, I talked with the guy who delivered it, and he told me that there was a bunch of chips and a couple cracks in the fairings, which were never mentioned to me. The shipper showed me the video he made at pick up to prove that they were there prior to him leaving, so he wasn't to blame. Fairing pieces can cost 300-1000 dollars and to find ones that match this exact paint color is a little more difficult. So right away from the moment I got the bike, I was going to be out roughly 500 dollars with having to replace the plastics. Another piece had a piece actually missing from the corner from it entirely, and there was a ton nicks in the paint (which wasn't a big deal). So I decided to look over the bike thoroughly and realized that chain had a bunch of surface rust on it, as if the bike hadn't had the chain cleaned for half a year or more! I was hoping that a good cleaning would get rid of it all, so I decided to do a thorough cleaning of the chain. Well after I was done, you could still see the spots on the chain that had rust one them, just not as badly as it was before. So right there is another little bit of money I have to spend to fix the bike up. The chain is something that would have been inexpensive, and easy for them to take care before selling it. Remember, they charged me that fee because they had supposedly looked over the bike and had their maintenance guys make sure the bike was good. I didn't expect the bike to be in mint condition, since it is 5 years old, but at the same time I asked specific questions, and was told that everything was good on the bike.. When in fact there was at least 400-500 dollars worth of damage on the bike, that they neglected to mention to me.. The experience I had with these guys was pretty bad, and honestly I would and will tell people not to buy a bike through them. I get that I should have been there to check over the bike, and call out the problems then and there, but with this Covid 19 virus going on, it made it difficult to do. I gave them leeway on the response time and was very patient with them knowing that things are tough, so I was really hoping that they would return the favor and answer my questions honestly and not try to hide or lie about the problems with the bike. If they were upfront about these things with me, I wouldn't be quite as upset, but having to find this out only after paying for the bike, and having it shipped, really has made me pretty upset.. I know I shouldn't have trusted a sale of the internet like I did, and was sketched out about doing it in the first place, but I was hoping it being from a bigger dealership, that they would have some integrity and would mention these problems. I definitely will not recommend going to these guys for a bike, I paid more than I should have for a bike that wasn't in as good of shape as it was said to have been. They obviously don't do any maintenance on the bikes they buy from people, so any problems with that bike will end up being problems you have to deal with if you buy it."

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  • "To whom it concerns, I purchased a bike in February of 2020. to began I was given the wrong key to lock the bike and saddle bags. After many attempts it never got resolved so I ended up going to local Harley dealership here in South Tx had to purchase the key myself. Here I am the last part of June still haven't received my plates paper plates expired back on April 29. I have called Cindy 6 or 7 times, she promised to e-mail me new paper plate and here I am still waiting on it. I understand what is going on around the world but this is pretty sad. All I want is someone to resolve this already, I think I have been very patient through all this."

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    Johaquin Jalomo - Rockport, TX
  • "Great place! Love my Bike. I live pretty far from them so Mike had got me prequalified over the phone so when I got there i was out the door in a jiffy. Very professional and respectful. Thanks to my man Mike! Would highly recommend Team Extreme!"

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    Jimmy Murphy
  • "awesome team . got my first motorcycle here Honda cbr500. Mike was very professional and explained every little detail to me . definitely would recommend this place they will help you pick out your new bike and give you good financing options."

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    Muhammad Ali Safdar
  • "Kool spot great prices. Bought my first bike from here, process was a bit long but got free knee pads and pizza in the end lol"

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    Oliver WiseManswagg - Oliver WiseManswagg
  • "Team extreme worked out the perfect deal on my 2015 Suzuki Hayabusa and treated me very well and definitely very professional services. Thanks to Q ball and Kyle and the entire team."

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    Stephon Sellers
  • "Ashar was an Animal to deal with !!! He had me sitting and riding with no issues. He had patience when my insurance company was being difficult as did the whole management team. Ashar is a good man and I will not only recommend him to my friends I will also, because of Ashar, recommend Team X-treme to everyone that asks about my bike, and that's been ALOT !!!
    Thank You Ashar !!!"

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    Steve Meredith
  • "Awesome place & friendly people.. I would highly recommend everyone to come check this place out! Thanks Team Xtreme!!!�"

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    Emily Prause
  • "Michael "QBall"Salsa was the best. Very honest and we got just what we were looking for. Would highly suggest using Michael for you Harley, he really knows his Harleys."

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    Billy LeFurgey
  • "Hey this is a great place to shop for a bike! Great staff no pressure. Mike was great and sold me an awesome bike! If your in the market to buy a bike...this shop should be your first stop! #teamxtreme"

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    Art Mayshack
  • "Great experience! Michael Salsa was an amazing help throughout the entire process!"

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    Deborah Fuqua
  • "I was very indecisive, but Paul and the team stuck with me and we got it done! Thanks!!"

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    LEE VEGA - Houston
  • "Facebook"

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    Austen Lunday
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    carlton adams - houston, TX
  • "My son just purchased a bike. It was a very easy an pleasant process. The staff was very knowledgeable, attentive, and polite."

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  • "I have purchased 2 motorcycles thru TE. Every interaction I have with TE is professional and to the point.

    So far the service department has been the best part of owning and upgrading my bike. John the service manager is very knowledgeable about individual bikes and has help me get my Aprilia 1100 Factory to the exact performance for my riding needs.

    Team Extreme has earned my business twice and I look forward to working with them in the future.

    2019 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory"

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    David Morris - Houston, TX
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